Throwing knives for survival

From the first time I saw James Coburn play the ultimate badass in the 1960 classic The Magnificent Seven (I, and I suspect many of my readers, too), thought, "How cool would it be to have that ...

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The Rhino Hunter: Radiolab

We live in a world where compassion often quickly turns to outrage, which in turn can express itself as vitriol and disturbing calls for retribution, as evidenced in the recent reaction to Cecil the ...

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New Nomad products on the way

Looking forward to a couple of new products from Nomad, who have made some innovative on-the-go charging connectors. They have a decidedly more urban focus, as you can see by their ...

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Gear Review — Grand Trunk Hammock

I like camping in hammocks, and sleeping under the canopy of stars and leaves. In early summer, this isn't possible with an open hammock design in the woods because of the bugs, but during the day, ...

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