Throwing knives for survival


From the first time I saw James Coburn play the ultimate badass in the 1960 classic The Magnificent Seven I (and I suspect many of my readers) thought, "How cool would it be to have that ...

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The Rhino Hunter: Radiolab


We live in a world where compassion often quickly turns to outrage, which in turn can express itself as vitriol and disturbing calls for retribution, as evidenced in the recent reaction to Cecil the ...

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Winter Power Outage Tips


  December, 2013 — although it usually means mild times in Toronto, a severe ice storm has left a good many residents without power, and by extension, heat. The temperature as I write this is ...

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Gear Review: Ribz Front Pack — Land


It was 28°C (83°F), and the humidity was up. My back had been a little bit off of true for the last year (sneeze-and-your-knees-might-give-out sort of pain), and while I had been looking forward to a ...

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Making a classic bow-frame saw


I'm the first to admit that despite my love of the outdoors and the woods, I'm relatively unschooled in the fine art of woodworking compared to some. Natural wood has a life and character unlike any ...

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A Day with Pinock Smith


On January 15, 2011, I had the distinct pleasure of spending the day with Pinock Smith, a master builder, known for his traditional canoe-building methods. I first heard of Pinock in the second ...

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Balance leave-no-trace extremes


Perhaps not something that everybody likes to hear, but I, for one, found myself nodding along with many of the points in Don Tryon's Leave-A-Trace editorial page. He makes the point for a ...

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Time for a wanigan


  I'd like to talk about one decision I've made when it comes to kitchen on a canoe trip. There's a part of me that wants to go as ultra-light as possible, knife and a flint striker and ...

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Trip report: Little Hay Lake


So, I'm long overdue on the trip reports. I started a new job last year, and I'm coming up on my first anniversary in a week. The time has flown by, and the crunch of new responsibilities has died ...

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Trip Report: SittingMan Lake


This was a good trip for my friend Keith's first time into Algonquin, in terms of what to expect for canoeing, since the Tim River to Rosebary, and then on from Longbow to Sitting Man Lake (our final ...

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A new canoe pack

Traditional Pack

Most people who like the outdoors have invested in a good hiking pack at one point or another. The most technical and the simplest all have a few common traits that are horrible for use in a canoe. Is ...

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Making the portage more enjoyable

canoe on trail P8030107

I have a saying, "I'd rather spend more time in the canoe than under it." We all love canoeing, but not many look forward to the portages. They can be stifling, sweaty, buggy and tiring affairs ...

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