Cody Lundin announces he’s “been fired by Discovery Channel”

Cody-LundinCody Lundin, “Dual Survival” television host and survival and primitive living instructor, announced on his Facebook feed yesterday (February 17, 2014) that he has been fired by Discovery Channel, citing differences over safety and health concerns.

More details have yet to be revealed. As of this posting, the Discovery Channel website still sports Cody Lundin’s bio, with no mention of the change.

Lundin’s Facebook post appears below.



  1. Actias Selene says

    Did they asked him to wear shoes ?-) It doesn’t make a lot of sense tough, Cody was the star of the show, they can easily replace a military guy with an other military guy, but Cody ? he is pretty unique.

  2. says

    I’m sure details will come out in the near future (or some future memoir), but I’m puzzled as well — as far as I can tell, Cody was always well-reasoned, based in science and experience, and not at all the sort to be reprimanded for his actions, let alone fired.

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