The Rhino Hunter: Radiolab


We live in a world where compassion often quickly turns to outrage, which in turn can express itself as vitriol and disturbing calls for retribution, as evidenced in the recent reaction to Cecil the lion’s death. This is more than just a trip report, and I wouldn’t call it a defence piece—it’s a surprisingly gentle treatment of an extremely…

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First full trailer for Redford’s “A Walk in the Woods” movie

A Walk in the Woods - Film

Robert Redford had been wanting to make this film for over ten years, and announced in 2005 that he would star in the film adaptation of Bill Bryson’s tongue-in-cheek narrative of his time along the Appalachian trail. The film finally was confirmed for release last year. I’m not sure how different this will be from Bryson’s account…

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Backyard cedar strip canoe: Part 1, Introduction

Canoecraft cover

So, I’ve done it! [The Story so far] This is the first in a series of posts about building a backyard cedar strip canoe. Follow along as I research, cost, plan, schedule, and possibly fumble my way through an urban build of one of the most loved forms of backcountry transportation.  Well, to clarify, I haven’t done a…

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“Father Nature Outdoors” — Integrated Camping Blanket

FNO closeup

Most successful bushcraft is about creative problem solving and sharing of knowledge, resources, and support. I owe a lot of my current level of experience to the generosity of others, and I’d like to encourage everybody to think about how important that is. I love the outdoors. I love the simplicity, and the isolation, and,…

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New Nomad products on the way


Looking forward to a couple of new products from Nomad, who have made some innovative on-the-go charging connectors. They have a decidedly more urban focus, as you can see by their recently-announced NomadPlus battery add-on for the Apple wall lump, but the portable power option is definitely useful to many travellers. The NomadClip is something to…

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Gear Review — Mosquitno Bands and Spotz

Mosquitno Products in packages

Happy (soon-to-come) Canada Day/Fourth of July/First week of summer! Spring is officially done, and for many people that means that summer fun can begin in earnest. More active, outdoor lifestyles means more weekends at the local park, at the cottage, biking, hiking, and, of course, camping — all of which mean mosquitos. In the buggy…

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