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Lost Survivors: Mykel Hawke and Ruth England-Hawke

It may not be the most imaginative show name, but if The Travel Channel’s new show “Lost Survivors” is anything like the hosts’ previous project — “Man, Woman, Wild” starring husband and wife team Mykel and Ruth Hawke — then it’s something worth looking forward to.

The appeal of “Man, Woman, Wild” was that I didn’t get the feeling that the production was trying too hard for drama. I bought into the premise of an experienced survival expert teaching and working with his wife in various survival scenarios. They’re both mature, intelligent, professional people, who, while having different approaches and philosophies, still share common goals, and mutual respect.

Too many “reality” shows try to play on the odd-couple, resulting in unrealistic conflict and a lot of shouting and crying, but I find it insulting at how heavy-handed this sort of thing is normally executed. Here’s hoping “Lost Survivors” continues to be good television without succumbing to that particular reality show crutch.

There are few details beyond Mykel’s Hawke’s official page, and the Lost Survivors Facebook page, which appears to be updated by Mikel himself. Although it looks like the official name of the show is “Lost Survivors,” I’ve also seen it announced as “Get Lost” — possibly a working or localized title.

Lost Survivors, premiers Tuesday, November 12th at 11 P.M. (EST)

A Prize in the Woods #1!

In honour of the end of bug season, I’d like to send a lucky fan a Mosquitno 10-piece prize made up of their three products, SpotZzz, Adult BandZzz and Kids size BandZzz.

All you have to do is “LIKE” this post on the A Word in the Woods Facebook page (if you’re not already a fan, you may as well like the page while you’re there!).

To make it easy, I’ve even embedded the post below for you, so there’s no excuse!

Cabela’s announces Plans for a new store in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Good news for outdoor fans in Ontario. Nebraska-headquartered outdoor specialty store Cabela’s announced today that it will be adding a fourth Canadian store to their existing lineup. In addition to over 40 stores in the United States, Cabela’s already have locations in Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. The new 70,000 square-foot store, slated for the Park Place shopping centre in Barrie, Ontario, is expected to open next summer, and will likely generate around 200 employees from the area.

This can only mean good things for the outdoor enthusiast, as Cabela’s has always been a giant in the US, but not as accessible to Canadians until recently. Issues with firearm sales and border policies cut off a lot of online customers, and let’s face it, for outdoor gear, sometimes you just need to talk to someone at the counter who’s in the know.

Hopefully, the little mom-and-pop shops still have their place (I know they do with me), and won’t get too squeezed by the big guys. One thing is for certain, however: this new store will provide variety and more healthy competition for the other large stores that have sprung up in Southern Ontario over recent years, such as Sail and Bass Pro Shops. As long as quality and service are a priority, I’m sure they’ll be seeing me more often than not.

Read the full press release here.