Where do you get your water?

I never quite have enough of the clear liquid when I’m on a backcountry trip, but I’m usually a bit more active, of course. It’s made me a bit more conscious of my hydration in my day-to-day life, however, and I know what it means when my hands have that mottled look under their skin, and I get a headache for no reason. Keeping hydrated is important, but do we need to be fanatical about it?

Here’s an interesting article on the facts about water intake, and how much of it can be taken care of in your food alone.

I try to drink often in my travels, and to replenish a good day of canoeing and portaging, I’ve taken to making my first night involve a good hearty pot of well-simmered soup. I used to mix a boatload of gatoraide with water that didn’t taste so good, but I’ve found my filter does a decent job, as long as I choose my water sources well. I could do without the sugar crash, and if I make sure I have my tea and hot chocolate in the afternoon and evenings, soup and noodles and oatmeal and veggies, I’m doing just fine when in camp.

What habits do you have that help you keep dehydration at bay?


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