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Off to Algonquin for the first canoe trip of the year

The view from one of two campsites at Sittingman Lake in Algonquin Park

I’m off to Algonquin for the first backcountry trip of the year (actually, I’ve done some winter hikes, so it’s the first canoe trip of the season). I’ve taken the canoe out for a quick spin already, but I find the first trip always to be the toughest… I spend all winter forgetting what it’s like. Invariably, I’ll have forgotten something, and I know I’ve taken too much with me again. This winter seems particularly bad, as I just spent it cocooning.

I’m going with someone new, and it’s his first time in the backcountry, so I’ve basically brought enough for three people… I’m sure I’ll pay for it in my aching back, hauling all of that stuff out.

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