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Norway PakCanoe trip report by Cliff Jacobson

I’ve been thinking of trading in my folding PakCanoe for a lighter, more maneuverable vessel (I have the 17-footer, but I would be fine with a 16-, or even 15-foot), but not because it has let me down in any way. For any of you who are unsure as to the viability of the PakCanoe or PakBoat on a rough trip, take a read through Cliff’s trip report in which he describes his canoe through many rapids, linings, portages, and drags in Norway with the owner.

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Assembling the Pakcanoe

Securing the stern seat of the Pakcanoe

I live in a small apartment in downtown Toronto, Canada, so I had a few challenges to deal with when deciding which canoe to buy. I needed flexible storage and transportation options.

I ended up with a Pakcanoe, a skin-on-frame canoe that comes apart and stores or travels in a bag about the size of a hockey duffel. It’s sometimes known as a folding canoe or a collapsible canoe.

We were up at a friend’s cottage this past weekend, and he was nice enough to take some shots of us in action, getting most of the assembly process.

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