Bushcraft courses: Ray Mears Summer 2012 Ontario Updates and more

Ray Mears

Here’s an update on the Ray Mears course I mentioned in a post last fall. It was being organized by School in the Woods [ed. note: no affiliation with this site]. The course as described didn’t happen, unfortunately. The organizer informed me that the agent wanted a very hefty non-refundable deposit with still no contract…

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Blacksmithing and leatherwork and bushcraft, oh my.


Like most people, I have a variety of interests. Sometimes, the popular pastimes that appeal to my colleagues and friends don’t hold that same draw — I don’t play golf, or follow sports. Some of my passions do fall closer to the mainstream — craft beer, pool, good food. The interests that titled this post,…

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Ray Mears will teach a Bushcraft course in Ontario, Summer of 2012!

Ray Mears is famous for his many tv appearances where he teaches not only survival, but bushcraft. The difference from ‘survival’ shows is striking, as Ray attempts to convey the importance of long-term bushcraft and sustainability as practiced by many aboriginal tribes in a variety of different regions. He has always expressed his special love…

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BushcraftUK Forums

BushcraftUK: Community Forum I’d like to share a link to a forum I lurk on every once in a while. It’s a great place online to find discussion and knowledge-sharing regarding all things bushcrafty. You’ll also find a decent amount of Ray Mears fans in attendance. I like the distinction that is drawn between survival…

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