Are survival kits the “good” silverware that gather dust?

I recently read a brace of posts from fellow outdoor blogs, The Oak and the Mountain, and Wood Trekker talking about survival kits.

Now, the reason I came across these posts was because I was actively looking for survival kit ideas. I thought it was high time I re-visited my personal kit. Given that it’s covered with duct tape that hasn’t been removed in years, I have no idea what’s in my Altoid’s tin, or if it’s even useful. What I bring with me on a daily basis has changed, my skills have changed, and so have my perception of needs.

No, this isn’t the same old discussion about how to pack fishing gear into a hollowed-out walking stick handle, where to buy equipment, or even what to put in your EDC survival kit. Those topics are covered quite well in other resources on the internet, and in an excellent book on the subject, Build the Perfect Survival Kit.

No, these bloggers are taking the (controversial?) stance that the much-revered survival kit has no place on a walk in the woods.

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