I love my market!

When was the last time your grocery store gave you a hug, a handshake, and inspired you for the week’s cooking? That’s exactly what your market can do for you — there are people whose skills, hard work, and pride in their craft put quality food on your table, and I enjoy being reminded of that every Sunday that I can make it down to my local market.

Extra love goes out to friends I’ve met, Zach from Highmark Farms, Christian from Monforte Dairy, and especially the lovely Janaki for putting together the wonderful Leslieville Farmer’s Market! Thank you for a great first season!

And although the market season is over, I’ll be sure to pick up my winter produce box (pictured above) from Le Papillion on the Park every Sunday.

Ray Mears will teach a Bushcraft course in Ontario, Summer of 2012!

Ray Mears photo courtesy of http://www.guardian.co.uk

Ray Mears is famous for his many tv appearances where he teaches not only survival, but bushcraft. The difference from ‘survival’ shows is striking, as Ray attempts to convey the importance of long-term bushcraft and sustainability as practiced by many aboriginal tribes in a variety of different regions.

He has always expressed his special love for the boreal forests of Canada, and it looks as though he’ll be bringing his knowledge and teaching skills to about 25 lucky students this June 11, for a five-day bushcraft course.

Details are still sketchy, but I’ve chatted a bit with the course organizer, so here’s what I know:

  • Ray Mears is confirmed if the class is full, and will shape the curriculum to match the students.
  • The course will be five days long, with Ray instructing every day.
  • It will take place near Brampton, Ontario, and will be on some 400+ acres of land.
  • It also won’t likely be cheap, given his very high skill level and prominence in the field. However, this would be an amazing and unique experience, so start saving those pennies if you want in!

The organizer’s website is just nearing completion, but I’m told that that in a matter of days, there will be plenty more details available. Stay tuned for more!

Visit School in the Woods or the Bushcraft Canada site (where I first caught wind of it).