View from top of cliff on Drag Lake

A while back, I posted about the cottage that Suzanne Dimma was building in Southern Ontario with her husband-to-be, and I thought I’d follow up with a link to Arriz Hassam’s blog post on the same subject. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s just the one post, but there are such beautiful images of the countryside that I had to share. There are no pictures of the cottage itself, which is a shame, but you can get your fill with Suzanne’s blog posts. Some of it is about her personal experiences, or the design of the cottage. I like seeing how they’ve managed to make a very comfortable, secluded place in the woods. I have never thought that camping, canoeing, hiking, living, or just retreating to the woods has to be about “roughing” it. This couple has managed to prove this point in a graceful way.

See Arriz’s photos and blog:

Read Suzanne Dimma’s Blog posts:

Nanotech tea bag creates safe drinking water, but are there better ways?

tea bag water purification has an article on Nanotech sachets that use inexpensive materials (nanofibres and activated carbon particles) in a ‘teabag’ form, to use with individual-sized water bottles. Although it seems like it would be very affordable, I’m not convinced it’s such a good thing, as these disposable teabags only will purify one litre of water, but I can see it being used in an emergency. Then again, I’d rather have a sustainable ceramic filter, or the very compact activated-chlorine-dioxide (like in Pristine water purification) for point-of-use filtration. The former is heavy and requires a (small) effort, but is great for canoeing, since you can filter nice clean water on the go. The second is nice and light and small, but is not as sustainable, and requires waiting time. The focus is on relief efforts and helping under-developed countries, but I can’t help but think a proper, larger-scale purification method would be better for the long term, and for the smaller scale solution, something like the Lifesaver bottle might be more appropriate.

Nanotech tea bag creates safe drinking water instantly, for less than a penny.