Trip Report: SittingMan Lake


This was a good trip for my friend Keith’s first time into Algonquin, in terms of what to expect for canoeing, since the Tim River to Rosebary, and then on from Longbow to Sitting Man Lake (our final destination) is a good mix of winding rivers, grassy marsh, ponds, and nice, open lakes with deeper…

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Moose rock

According to Moose Survey Research in Algonquin Provincial Park: “Moose antlers are the fastest type of growing bone known on the planet. A Moose may grow a set of antlers weighing up to 25 kilograms in just five months!”

Does anybody know of a good, light, durable, stylish liquor flask?

I originally used the term “Mickey” instead of flask, but it seems that it’s a bit more of a Canadian-specific drink-related term than I thought, like May Two Four (TwoFer), A cube (12-pack of bottled beer), and many others. From Wiki: “# Mickey, a term for a 375 ml bottle of alcohol in Western Canada…

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Off to Algonquin for the first canoe trip of the year

The view from one of two campsites at Sittingman Lake in Algonquin Park

I’m off to Algonquin for the first backcountry trip of the year (actually, I’ve done some winter hikes, so it’s the first canoe trip of the season). I’ve taken the canoe out for a quick spin already, but I find the first trip always to be the toughest… I spend all winter forgetting what it’s…

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